The Dragon

  • Location: Moscow Russia
  • Description: Very tall and large man in mid to late 30s. Short, dark brown hair
  • Distinguishing characteristic: One of the loudest human beings ever to walk the face of the earth. When he speaks on the phone (as shown) his booming voice makes the ground shake. But when he snores, the sound is said to be so loud that it can be heard from space.
Location: Moscow Russia

Location: Moscow Russia

My Encounter

It was a cold night in late November as I lay down in my bed at Vagabond Hostel. It seemed, at first, as if this would be another standard evening, nothing special or out of the ordinary. I was wrong. All of the sudden, I was awoken to a frightening roar. The hostel walls shook and the ground trembled. What could this be? Frantically I ran around looking for the source, and then I saw it: an enormous man was lying on his back, just two beds over. His eyes were closed, but his mouth was open, and out of it came a sound so loud and frightening, as if a lion were angrily devouring a atom bomb. I tried to rouse this man, but alas, it was to no avail. My best efforts were in vain and I had to resign myself to a night without sleep.

But that was not the end of it. Oh no. For the next ten days, my slumber was heavily impaired by what sounded like someone desperately trying to start a chainsaw. And when he spoke, the whole building shook with such a fury, it nearly crumbled to its foundation. I foolishly tried to adapt to this and adjust my sleeping schedule for afternoon naps, but right when I layed down the first time, off in the distance a phone rang. Then I heard it. "ДА!" The word 'yes' in Russian echoed through the air like a cannon being fired, commencing a battle. And what a battle it turned out to be. For the next twents minutes, I lay there absolutely defencless and this man spoke without stop into the small handheld device in his giant hand. Goodbye sleep, see you next week.

The Legend

Centuries ago, in the far arctic north stood a lonely mountain. To an outsider, this may have seemed just like another geographical landmark, but to the locals, it was something far more sinister. For on this mountain lived a giant and terrifying dragon, and every once in a while, he would swoop down from his nesting place and raid the local farms, steeling the livestock for his meals. For years, there was nothing the towns people could do. Swords and arrows were no match for the fire-breathing beast.

But as time passed, the people's technology grew stronger and stronger, and soon the dragon went from hunter to hunted. He knew he needed to act quickly in order to survive, so he decided to adapt. If he could no longer defeat the humans, he would try to become one of them. He would disguise himself as a person and try to make a living in the buisness world. But as expected, it was a bit of a difficult transition. Based on appearence, he seemed quite person-like, but every once in a while, some of his old dragon traits come back (especially during sleep).