Best Food


Some of these decisions were hard, but this one was not. The first time I had Georgian food, my whole world changed. Never before had I tasted such a diverse group of flavors that complemented one another so well. It was like a religious experience, knowing that I was able to perceive a taste so wonderful. What else could be possible? Maybe there was hope for world peace and coexistence. Who knows? Yes, this may be far-fetched, but I truly believe that if everyone got to try this magical experience, the whole world would become a better place. Sorry Italy and 25% my ethnicity, you'll have to settle for second.

Runner's Up

Italy (Sicily in particular)

I'll start off by saying that Italian food in Italy is far different than Italian food in the States. With every experience I had, it was so unbelievably fresh, flavorful but not overloaded with different flavors (a problem for most Italian-American places), and loaded with eggplant (aka, nature's candy). The thing that I appreciated the most, however, was just how serious every place seemed to take their food preparation. It was like a form of art and everyone involved, from chef to waiter, gave their creation the respect it deserved. So much so that every place always refused to accept any tip for their work. The extra money wasn't the focus. The food was the beating heart of the business and that is what mattered. I guess the main reason Italy doesn't win, though, is that I was more familiar with it before going there, and Georgian food was an exotic mystery that completely blew my mind.


For me it's hard to define exactly what Romanian food is, but for some reason, I happened to have great experiences no matter where I went to eat. It was a while ago when I was there, so I'm struggling a bit to recall the details of everything, but I remember rich, but not heavy dishes with many spices, but none to overpowering. And I distinctly remember everything tasting very fresh as well, with noticeable care and effort put into its making. Plus, it was not expensive whatsoever, so that adds another plus to it.