Yeah, it's awesome

Even within the parks

I talk about architecture a lot. For me, I see it as a work of art and something that tells the history and character of a certain place. And the architecture in Moscow is second to none, and comes in an incredibly diverse variety. You can tell this was a city build up over centuries by thousands, if not millions of different minds, and everything from the fantasy novel feel of Red Square to the high rise Stalinist apartment buildings on the fringes and everything in between seems to have a soul and substance that other cities.

You can really lose yourself going from block to block because, especially in the center, no two areas look alike whatsoever. The shapes, sizes and colors differ drastically, but everything seems to stand out, and many are so much more vibrant than I could have ever imagined Russia being (after being raised around Western media). And everything is intermixed. Statues, parks, monuments, businesses, churches, historical sites, all clumped and mixed together.

Even in the parks, you can come across small brown wooden buildings that have stood for hundreds of years, ancient churches with golden onion domes, and in the case of Kolomenskoye, a mini village built for the Tsar's family back in the 1800s. Basically, what I'm trying to say is that you'll never go on a dull walk in Moscow, and if you're someone like me who enjoys wandering and exploring, this is as good as it gets.