To lay it out as clear as possible, I made this blog for two main purposes: to share my travel experiences with everyone and to collect experiences and stories of others. So, some of this is about me, but I want to only be one part of it. My goal is to get as many people involved as possible so we can all share whatever was funny, exciting, interesting or ridiculous about our times traveling. And I want to do this through as many means as possible, such as stories, recommendations, tips, people profiles, photos, cartoons, and whatever else I happen to think of. If this is something that interests you, join in! Send me a story and reach out! As of now, I can be reached by email at billy@globalhobos.com. Help me out and take part. All are welcome, and the more, the better!

Here are the principles of Global Hobos

  • Journey the world through a wandering adventure
  • Camaraderie over competition and destruction
  • Rejection of the path already constructed for us (i.e. punch the clock 9 to 5)
  • Focus on a life of joy instead of stress and monotony
  • Pursuit of fulfilment over monetary and material gain
  • A willingness to challenge yourself
  • Acknowledgement that you are no better or worse than anyone else (no egomania or self pity)
  • Take notice of this bizarre world that surrounds us every day
  • Appreciate everything you can because it's all temporary
  • Embrace uncertainty with excitement
  • Take nothing for granted