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Here's to the Heroes

Here's to the Heroes

  • Mary Melita
  • Deb Urizar
  • Gitkind Family (Judy, Mitch, Ben, Matt, and Claire)
  • David Martinsky
  • William Martinsky (Sr)
  • Nancy Paone
  • Bonny Melita
  • Joseph Melita
  • Daniel Melita
  • Kristy Santimyer Melita
  • Donna Boccamazzo
  • Terry Tatta
  • Patrick Dermody
  • Pat Myers
  • Jeff Beling
  • Jen Silber
  • Dan Burns
  • Tristan Cole
  • Beth Sbresni
  • Sally Feuerberg

*Because of you, the fundraising goal was reached and exceeded! Thank you all!