Hobo Advice/Recommendations

Hobo Advice

Spend at least two days or more wandering around Yerevan and take the time to stop and focus on the many different statues. At night, the singing fountains are an absolute must, and I recommend staying for a little while because the show will always be different, unique, and pretty incredible. Most importantly, however, make sure you get out of the capital at some point. Armenia has historical sites unlike any place in the world I've ever been too. Finally, if you know some Russian (or even better, Armenian), talk with a local. As said, Armenia does not get many tourists that aren't other Armenians from the diaspora, so people will likely be very glad to show you around and share their culture with you.

Overall Impressions

  • Yerevan has the coolest statues EVER!
  • Never have I seen so much history condensed into one small area
  • Armenians know how to dance (far better than myself)
  • English is not widely spoken but aside from Armenian, nearly everyone speaks Russian and many advertisements/stores/restaurants are in Russian.
  • The architecture of Yerevan is Soviet, but more vibrant and artistic with an Armenian cultural touch. (Almost hipster-Soviet if such a thing exists)
  • The food has some similarities with Georgia and never once disappointed
  • Cognac is cheap and available everywhere
  • There is an interesting mix of cultures (Russian Georgian most prevalent), but there is a strong push to preserve Armenian heritage
  • There are very few tourists aside from Armenians abroad in the diaspora (most from Russia)
  • People are friendly and really interested to get to know you, but are overall a little more reserved than Georgians
  • You can get nearly everywhere in the country by marshrutka (Soviet bus)
  • No one wears shorts, even when it is 40 degrees (100F)