In the 1930s the Russian novelist Mikhail Bulgakov started his most well know story, The Master and Margarita at a location in Moscow known as Patriarch's Ponds (contrary to the name, there is only one pond). Since this was one of my favorites, I made absolutely sure to pay the area a visit early on last year. However, despite my enthusiasm, the pond itself did not turn out to be the highlight of my visit, and that is because the awesome person I went there with completely overshadowed the green trees, still water, and artistic statues. Her name is Quincey, and now I will introduce her.


My first impression was that Quincey was someone who you could talk to forever without a single dull moment. From travel to art to ideas about life and society, she had so many interests and unique, fascinating views. She was aware, fully present, funny, and a delightful break from the hordes of zombie-like crowds on their phones making pointless small talk like, "How about that weather?"

The thing that makes her stand out most, though, is her focus to help make the world around us a better place and her willingness to give her full self towards what she does. At the time of this writing, she is currently studying and working in Nicaragua, teaching children and improving the health and nutrition in the schools. And she doesn't take praise for any of this either (all the praise written here are my words, not hers). To Quincey, she cares about people and the kids she works with. There's no question when it comes to helping them and bettering the schools. It's just the right thing to do.

All of this ties into a greater wonder she seems to have for the world around her. She lives for interaction, adventure and making connections with others. Whether it be taking a 20 hour bus ride to Panama (actually happened) or redesigning a van for a multi-country road trip, Quincey never slows or stops. It's inspiring, and even encourages me to do more and be my best self. And I can assure you, the mundane working world of repetition will never trap her as it has done to so many of us.

Be like Quincey: Live your fullest life. Connect with those around you and do what you can to make your community and the world around you a better place.