For several years, the company Dos Equies ran ads centered upon a person they labeled 'the most interesting man in the world.' While many saw this as an appealing marketing scheme, I merely laughed it off because I know a person so much more interesting. Compared to her, the Dos Equies guy is as bland as soggy white bread or generic flat soda (no disrespect). This awesomely interesting person goes by the name of Maud.


I first met Maud in a cave under Budapest, which was already awesome in and of itself. And I didn't quite know it yet, but Maud is capable of doing so much more that the average human could ever imagine. In the short time I have known her. Maud has somehow managed to balance finishing med-school and working day and night at a hospital for weeks on end with traveling the world, spending time with friends, and experiencing everything Dublin has to offer. If I (or most people for that matter) attempted to do just half of that, I'd be currently living in a psychiatric ward and conversing with random pieces of furniture as if they were old college friends. Maud, however, remains completely unfazed.

Also, Maud is always really fun to hang out with too. During my visits to Dublin, Maud and her friend Hannah went all out making sure I got to enjoy my time there and experience the city from a local's perspective. And by no means did they half-ass it. We went to a film on the green, some of their favorite cafes, museums, and some of the most fun pubs I've ever been to, which is where I saw something truly unbelievable. It occurred during my first visit with my friend Blake at a bar called JW Sweetmans. And Blake is a tank that always drank anyone under the table if he wanted to... until that night. Maud, despite being significantly smaller, went toe to toe with Blake and was able to walk away in a strut. Meanwhile, I had to basically carry a hysterically laughing Blake (alcohol makes Blake laugh a lot) on my back when we went back to our hostel.

Be like Maud: Do it all! Save sick people in a hospital and still have the energy to see the world and be an amazing friend! Ain't no time for sleep!

Who seems more in control? I'll let you decide.

Who seems more in control? I'll let you decide.