Ben and Ella

Two days ago, something very expected and something very unexpected happened all at once in my trip up to the mountains in Georgia. The first (expected) was a major traffic jam caused by a car accident on a very narrow, windy road. As I've mentioned, people here drive rather insane and often try to pass one another around blind turns, thus resulting in a fairly large amount of accidents. The other, (unexpected) was meeting an awesome person and his dog (Ella) while waiting for the army (yes, they sent in the Georgian army) to clear the road. That awesome person goes by the name Ben.


Several month ago, Ben started his journey in his home country, Germany, with the idea of driving around the world. His means of transportation was the front of an old firetruck that he had converted into a caravan by putting a bed and fridge inside. And although this was his new home, Ben chose to keep the doors open (quite literally) by putting his car up online as a host for couch surfing. Therefore, whenever he stopped in a city, any other traveler looking for some shelter was welcomed in. Most just stayed for a night before continuing on, but one decided to stay permanently. That guest was a dog named Ella.

Ben started his trip alone, but as he passed through Greece, he befriended a stray dog named which he adopted and decided to name Ella. By the time I came across them, the two had already gone through the Balkans, across the entirety of Turkey and were now heading up to the peaks of the greater Caucasus. The world lay ahead for these two new friends. Home was on the road and tomorrow was wherever they chose to go next.

If you wish to find out more about Ben and Ella, visit their blog and read their posts (written in both English and German). Definitely check it out. It's awesome!

Be like Ben: Roam the world in your homemade house and befriend other wanderers, both human and canine.