About two weeks ago (at the time of this writing), there was a moment when I laughed so hard my sides hurt and I nearly hyperventalated. It was one of those laughs you have only a handful of times in your life and one I’ll probably remember until the day I die. It happened in Georgia’s Tusheti region and did so because of this new addition to the ‘Awesome People’ page. Here is Remiguesz (aka Remi).


I have met many people while traveling, but Remi is a character completely unlike any other, and in the best way imaginable. Initially traveling through Georgia with a group of his friends, he ended up joining Teresa (see ‘Awesome People’), myself, and a couple other travelers midway through their journeys. Instantly, his contribution to the group atmosphere was made present. It is impossible to be angry or upset when Remi is around. Whether it was walking into glass windows or proclaiming to the world that he was a “dogophile,” no one could hold back a laugh or smile for long.

However, there was much more to Remi than that. Alongside the clown, there was a deep, curious thinker. Numerous times throughout the trip he’d start discussions about modern society, wonder about the effects of social media on mankind, and what reality and the meaning of existence actually is. We even had several discussions about Alan Watts during the trip. Even though I went to Georgia with an open mind, I never thought I would be discussing Alan Watts with a mustached Polish man at the footsteps of the Greater Caucasus. It was every bit as great as it sounds.

On top of this, Remi was never fazed by a challenge. Whenever there was a difficult alternative to a trail, he would take it. Whenever there was some mystery food or drink, he would have it. When we needed a driver drive our rental car around rural Armenia’s rural, semi-paved roads, it was Remi.

Be like Remi: Be the humorous philosopher traveling the world.