As someone who spends most of their life wandering and visiting odd, remote parts of the world, it can often be hard to find someone to have a conversation with. For example, let’s say there’s a group of people that want to discuss a recent television show or complain about their office coworkers. In such cases, me and my stories of hitchhiking with old men in Central Asia have nothing of contribute. And any attempt to interject would seem like I’m either trying to draw attention to myself or coming across like a deranged lunatic. That’s why when I do meet someone I can converse and share such stories with, it makes it all the more special. And that leads me to this Awesome Person: Agnieszka.


I first met Agnieszka in the rural parts of Georgia, and we instantly bonded on how we found mountains to be exponentially preferable to cities and society. We began to share stories of out bizarre adventures, as I told of nearly dying on a mountain and she discussed encounters with a really creepy driver in Iceland. It was as if small talk never existed. Everything she had to say was meaningful, thought out, and funny. Her outlook on everything was so unique. And somehow, she was able to break down the bizarre interactions people have between one another better and in a funnier way than anyone. I got so much in return from each conversation with Agnieszka, as she gave insights to my ideas, making me think about them in a different light.

Also, she was always up to hear what others had to say too. Agnieszka was not the type of person that just tries to interject her own comment, nor is she someone that tries to brag or put anyone underneath her. She was genuine. I felt like she truly wanted to hear what I (and everyone else for that matter) had to say. During each conversation, I felt as if I could discuss anything without any stress or anxiety because she had this was of making you feel comfortable and welcomed.

However, one of the most interesting aspects of Agnieszka is how she travels. When I ask most people why they travel, they try to give some deep, grandiose explanation, relating back to their childhood or something like that, but not her. She didn’t have a specific reason and didn’t need one. It was just something that she likes to do and makes her happy. There’s no need to put a label on it or fit her reason into a little box. No. She enjoyed and appreciated the journeys for what they were. And, as she said, enjoyed them even more when the food was good.

Travel like Agnieszka: Go your own way, make friends, and enjoy the food.