Cathy (Lulu) and Helen (Tongyu)

Every once in a while you find yourself in a situation you couldn't possibly have imagined. For example, you're in a city far from where you grew up, like Tbilisi, and you've just made friends with two backpackers from another far off country like China. You want to go out all together and enjoy a Saturday night which just so happens to be St. Patricks Day, so you suggest a pub in the city that has live music. As a result of your decision making, you're nicknamed 'The Chairman', and together you set out to see how Georgians celebrate Ireland... and it turns out to be one of the best nights out ever! Well, that just happened. Let me explain.


It all started just about two weeks ago. I was lounging around with my thoughts lost in space as usual when I felt a tap on my shoulder. Behind me stood two girls holding a bottle of Georgian chacha and asked me if I wanted to have some with them. Not being one to refuse something free, I happily accepted.  We all sat at the table and began talking, and I began to realize something. These two were awesome!

Having only known each other for a few months due to work, Lulu (Cathy) and Helen (Tongyu) decided to take a trip far away to a place they knew little about and decided upon Georgia and Armenia. Periodically stopping in Tbilisi as a central hub, they bounced all around to Yerevan, Svaneti, Batumi, and Kazbegi all without knowing the language. Did that worry or bother either of them? Of course not. They roamed the whole area, exploring mountains and the sea, and always came back with something (often wine or food) for everyone.

However, the best part about getting to know these two was how much fun and humor they brought to everyone they encountered. Which leads me back to St Patrick's Day in Tbilisi. Having just returned from Yerevan by marshrutka, Lulu said that despite enjoying the natural beauty of Armenia, there was no sign of nightlife in Yerevan. They wanted to celebrate and dance, but didn't get the chance. Now in Tbilisi it was time to make up for that. Quickly, we formed a group of other awesome people (soon to their own posts too) and I found a pub that was having a live band play all night for the occasion. For my efforts and subsequent leading the way to the pub, they gave me the nickname 'Chairman Xi' for the night. I was honored. As for the rest of the night, that post shall come soon.

As requested, my cartoon rendition. (I simplified the background quite a lot)

As requested, my cartoon rendition. (I simplified the background quite a lot)

BE LIKE LULU AND TONGYU: Travel somewhere far away, make friends and bring fun and excitment everywhere you go.