One year ago, I was foolish, young, and blogless. My plan was to finish my year teaching and then embark on a journey across the world's largest country on the Trans-Siberian Railroad. However, as the year went on, I met many, many people who were doing just that route. At first. this made me more excited, but after a while it made the trip seem to lose a bit of its luster. I wanted something weird, unusual and bizarre. The railroad (albeit still awesome) began to sound like something regularly traveled. That's when I took action. I changed my plans, to make a haphazard journey upon which normal people wouldn't dare or care to venture. I will, instead, travel down the Volga River and into Central Asia. Therefore On 1 July 2017, I depart on a 15 hour train ride from Moscow to Kazan and begin.


Still trying to work this out, but will mostly include the following:

  • Russia (Moscow to Kazan. From Kazan, going down the Volga to the Caspian Sea)
    •        -Moscow - Start
    •        -Kazan - Capital of Tatarstan
    •        -Volga River (including cities like Ulyanovsk, Samara, and Saratov)
    •        -Eurasian Steppe
    •        -Many Russian trains and the characters who frequent them
  • Kazakhstan
    •        -Almaty (largest city and former capital
    •        -Taraz (2000+ year old city
    •        -Ancient Silk Road sites
    •        -Cool Hats (look up Kazakh traditional hats. They're awesome)
  • Kyrgyzstan
    •        -Bishkek (Capital)
    •        -Tian Shan Mountains (nearly twice the size of the Alps)
    •        -Lake Issyk Kul (one of the highest mountain lakes in the world)


Where will I go? What unfortunate yet entertaining mishaps will come my way?  I'm going to document each day of this trip, from every story to every snoring person in a guest house, to every animal (hopefully goats) that I try to befriend. There will be towering mountains, mighty rivers, vast steppes, and maybe a yurt or two!