Rock Formations

Yes, instead of writing about Paris or something like that, I decided to write about rocks. Call me weird if you’d like, but I’ve always been fascinated more by geological formations than capital cities, and the rugged land of southern France did not disappoint in the least. This particularly struck me on a trip with Lea and Olivier just outside of Digne and along the river. We drove about 20 minutes, and before I could even step out of the car, I was in awe.


Other than the road and an occasional passing car, there were no signs of people or society. On either side of us were these large jagged, yet somehow smooth rock structures that jutted out as if they were in layers. It almost looked as if it was some sort of artistic design, but actually occurred in nature. in the middle, twisting and turning with the road, was a running river (which most likely shaped the rocks to their current form). Here and there, sporadic trees would pop up within the stone, each adding to the natural aura of the place. I felt as if I could spend hours there, but a cold rain eventually made us return to the car.

Being in such a place, I largely neglected to take photos, preferring to use my own eyes instead. The two photos I have here were just from the very beginning. So if you clicked this link to see things, you are unfortunately out of luck. For that reason, I tried to be as descriptive as possible, but if you actually want to see it yourself, get a plane ticket and start your adventure (trust me, eyes are still better than phones and cameras).