While my Sicilian grandfather may disown me for saying this, I must be honest and admit that Georgian food is the most delicious thing currently on planet Earth. Imagine a culinary adventure into a magical realm with every bite, where every single mouthful gives an experience unparalleled to anything in the known world. This is what you can expect to happen at any place in Georgia no matter what you happen to order.

I do not know how it is actually done, and maybe no one knows, but somehow the introduction of flavors and mix of ingredients (turns out walnuts, pomegranates, various cheeses, and eggplant, among a variety of spices I previously didn't know existed are frequently used) makes these wonders happen. Personally, I can recommend something called pkhali (a spinach, walnut, and spices puree with pomegranate seeds on top), the massive Georgian dumplings called Khinkali, or anything with eggplant. Even their most famous item khachapuri (a cheese bread which occasionally has an egg on top) puts our western cheese bread (aka pizza) to shame.

And once you finish whatever wonderful food you happen to choose, I absolutely encourage you to wash it down with Georgian wine. It tends to be on the sweeter side and people and restaurants make their own, so whichever one you buy will most likely be as local as you'd find anywhere. It is all unlike anything I have ever tried before, leaving it nearly impossible to describe through comparison, but the best I can do would be this. Imagine All the richness and flavor of Indian food but replace the curry and heat and add a whole new set of savory spices. I can go on and on, but my descriptions will not do it justice. Just go there and try some for yourself!