Hobo on TV

Fifty years ago, a young man from Los Angeles named Jim proclaimed "Break on through to the other side." While he was mostly referring to his focus on becoming a psychedelic rock star and rebelling from his conservative military father, his words now right echo true for both me and my blog. Why is that? Because... (brace yourselves!) I was just interviewed for Georgian television!

Yup, this face is gonna be on TV.

Yup, this face is gonna be on TV.

Someone stumbled onto my blog after I had written my post about Georgian drivers, found it to be quite amusing, and invited me to be interview for a program entitled "Georgia through the Eyes of a Foreigner." (rough translation from Georgian). Without hesitation, I agreed and just two days ago, I met my interviewee in Tbilisi's old town to have our filmed interview in a bar called Wine Lab (highly recommended). We sat down and had our chat about things I liked and disliked about my time in Georgia.

I'd like to tell you more, but instead I have a better offer. I will soon show you! Once it is aired, I will be given the link and then shall post it here on this website so you can see it for yourself. What did we discuss? Did I come off as witty or boring or insane? How long has my beard gotten? Did I look handsome or homeless (or both)? All of these will be answered!

The hype is unprecedented.

The suspense is killer.

The wait is excruciating.

But rest assured, my friends, it will be awesome! (I know since I was there.) It has been a long, grueling road to get to this point (and by long I actually mean short since I just started this thing in March), but now the dream is becoming reality. And to top it all off, I was asked to make it all the more exciting, at the end of it, I was asked to start writing for Georgia's largest English-speaking publication! It will even be sent to embassies and other things like that! So next year, I'll return once more.

On a personal level, I feel like somebody from the early 1900s who just road a plane for the first time (not one of the planes that crashed. One of the ones that made it.) I'm still in a bit of disbelief that this can actually happen. Notoriety and future paid work just by writing stories and making cartoons about my various mishaps around the world? People can fly in that thing? Can't be! There must be a string somewhere... No wait! It's real! Sweet!

The future is bright, dear readers, and the stories shall continue!