Hobo Advice

I have not yet been to any major cities in the country, so I cannot give recommendations for places like Berlin or Munich, but I can tell you that the countryside is amazing and the many smaller medieval towns are so cool. If you do find yourself in Germany, make sure you go to one. The architecture is so much more fascinating than modern soulless skyscrapers and office buildings. Also, spend some time in nature. Compared to pretty much everywhere else I've been, Germany is very environmentally conscious and some of the landscapes you'll see are absolutely gorgeous. Finally, make sure to try the beer. It's so dark, rich and flavorful, and so far, I can confidently say that it is the best I've tasted (take that Belgium!) And if you can, try to have it in a non-for-profit student communal bar. For me, it was an experience like no other in the best way possible.

Overall Impressions

  • Medieval towns are amazing
  • Tubingen was so welcoming
  • Communal student-run bars are the coolest things ever!
  • The country is very environmentally conscious
  • The bread is delicious
  • English is widely spoken
  • Everything closes down on Sundays
  • German beer is so good