Polski Bus

I don't often speak of transportation companies on this site, as I have been on so many planes, trains and busses, they all seem to blend together. And since I usually go for the cheapest option, nothing usually stands out, except for one exception: Polski Bus. Just like my other choices of transport, this one was very cheap, but unlike the others, there was something different about Polski Bus. It was something magical, or as Blake described, "If sex were to take the form of a bus, it would be Polski Bus."

What makes it so amazing? Well, let me begin. The first thing I noticed as I walked on were the large, black, gray and red seats, all spaciously spread out. And it made me gasp. Never before had I seen so much leg room. It couldn't be true. I thought it must be an illusion of some sort. Then I sat down and noticed, yes, it was true! There was so much room even Shaquille O'Neil could completely sprawl out and not worry about disturbing the person in front of him. The seat was soft and comfortable too. It was like a soothing bed placed in an upright position, and for the first time, it felt like I was traveling in luxary.

Next, I decided to check the distance of our upcoming trip (Krakow to Bratislava) in order to see how much time I got to have on this padded paradise. I pulled out my phone to see, and was delighted to see free wifi as well.  Ahhh, this is this high life, I thought. Now there was only one thing left to do, recline back and enjoy the ride. I reclined my chair, expecting it to stop soon, but it didn't. It kept going back, and back, until it was nearly flat. The seat was no longer 'like' a bed. Now, it was a bed!

And to think of it, the whole trip was less than $20. Seven hours, across three countries, all while enclosed in a mini paradise for less than a haircut back home. I paid my dues with all those trips on Ryanair, Wizz Air and a countless number of slow crowded busses without air conditioning, and now, I got to have my reward.