July 2015

I'll start here by admitting that I never made it to Budapest's famous bathhouses. The previous night I had stayed up until 4:00am, so I ended up sleeping during the one time of opportunity to go. That said, Blake took the initiative and made the journey, leaving the hostel at 6:00am on a Monday morning. Keep in mind, backpackers go to these baths late on Friday or Saturday nights for ridiculous pool parties, so Blake was in for an entirely different experience. Shortly after I awoke later on, he returned. Curiously, I asked him how it went and what he thought. This was his reply:

"Dude, it was sick! I got there right when it opened and it was almost completely empty. I was just me and some really old Hungarian men who kept giving me weird looks. I laughed a lot, it was awesome!" I instantly regretted my decision to sleep.