Hobo Advice

Make sure to walk around and explore the city as much as you can. Budapest has some of the most amazing architecture in Europe and nearly any place you walk, you're sure to find something new. If you like nightlife, Budapest's ruin pubs are really fun and surprisingly cheap, meaning you can have an absolutely ridiculous night for about the equivalent of $10-15. Most of all, MAKE SURE TO VISIT THE CAVES! Even more so than the nightlife and the architecture, this is a truly unique and exciting experience you cannot have in other places.

WARNING: beware of the bus company Orange Ways which 'operates' out of Hungary. My friend Blake and I bought tickets from them thinking they were the cheapest option, but they cancelled the trip and without notifying us, leaving up to scramble at the bus station and search for another option. At first they refused to refund us until we threatened legal action. Bottom line, this seems an awful lot like a scam. Do not use this company.

Overall Impression

  • Running on Margarita Island is awesome
  • There are so many unique and odd things to do
  • The caves are huge
  • Everything is affordable
  • This is one of the best cities to wander and get lost in
  • Views along the Danube are amazing
  • Nightlife can be really fun but some bars are a bit too touristy
  • You'll need at least a week or more in this city (I didn't stay long enough)