Ok, so I know this is a bit cliche, but I personally really liked how everyone seemed to ride bikes everywhere in the Netherlands. Unlike most Americans, I strongly dislike the act of driving. Think about it. You're trapped in a small metal box full of flammable gasoline, have to be constantly aware of other idiots on the road, have to deal with red lights and other forms of annoying traffic regulations, and (especially when it comes to city driving) you're constantly breathing in the smells of exhaust and asphalt. It's awful. Give me the option and I'll go by bike or on foot any day of the week.

So when I actually got to see everyone cycling everywhere, it was a huge relief. In the two major cities I have lived in, New York and Moscow, you would only cycle if you had a death wish, but here, the city seemed to be built for cyclists. Bike lanes were everywhere, and there were even more cycle-only streets than there were ones for cars. It was awesome.