Most Relaxed


This was the easiest choice of all: SIcily. Imagine all the rush and franticness of New York City. This is the polar opposite of that. It doesn't matter what time of day or what's going on, no one will be in  hurry. Ever. People walk so slow and leisurely in Sicily that FDR could probably make it down the street twice as fast (and I don't mean alive FDR with polio. I mead FRD now, 72 years dead). But the bright part about this is that no one anywhere seemed the least bit stressed. People here actually seem to focus on enjoying life (strange concept, I know).

I guess the best way to sum this relaxed culture up would be this example. When we were all about to leave, we arrived at the airport with a long line already there in front of us. My uncle asked what was going on and one man replied they were all waiting for the check-in staff. None of them were yet at the airport. My uncle then asked if the guy had any idea when they were supposed to get there. The man replied, "9:00." I checked my watch and it was well after 10:30. But no one seemed stressed or angry in the least. It just seemed like any other day.


  • Who am I kidding, no other place even comes close. Sicily is in a league of its own.

LAST PLACE: Manhattan