July 2017

Although Bucharest wasn't the most interesting of cities, it did produce one pretty good story. Please enjoy:

My friend Blake had just arrived in Bucharest, his first ever foreign country. I had already been traveling for a little bit, but had recently been stricken by a violent stomach bug after having the "brilliant" idea of drinking from the tap in an Istanbul airport bathroom (if you ever find yourself in such a place, just buy the bottles water. Believe me, it's worth it). Anyway, this was the first first day of our trip together and, jet lag and possible intestinal parasite aside, we wanted to make it exciting. For this, we needed a crew, so we decided to ask around the hostel. Like a pair of hungry dogs in search of food, we scoured all four floors of the building to join us in our quest to explore Romanian nightlife. Unfortunately, despite our valiant effort, we we only able to get two other people on board. One guy was another American and the other was from Britain. We did also mention our plans to a group of Australians who were just checking in as we were heading out, but they needed time to unpack, get dinner and everything. 'Oh well,' I though, 'small groups can still be fun.'

We sat down at the first bar of the night, eager to get to know our new companions, but unfortunately we soon realized the folly in our initial optimism. The American guy remained transfixed to his cell phone, completely oblivious to the world around him. Meanwhile, the British guy just complained about everything. And I mean everything. He complained that Romania sucked, Britain sucked, his job sucked, that he hadn't gotten laid in a long time, and Romanian girls wouldn't respond to his pick up attempts. In short, this wasn't a good start to the night, and we soon took the first chance to separate ourselves from these two (something that turned out to be very easy).

Determined to salvage the night, Blake and I feverishly wandered the old town, but by 2:00am, we reluctantly decided it was about time to head back and try our luck tomorrow. With our heads hung low, we walked towards the door, when suddenly, as if some sort of divine intervention, the doors flung open and in entered the group of Aussies from our hostel. "Hey!" One shouted. "It's the guys from earlier!" "This round's on me!" Exclaimed another. And just like that, as we were ready to give in to despair, the night sprung up out of the wreckage and soared into the air. From this point on, it was clear, never give up hope on the night!