My Trip

May 2018


My trip to Slovenia began by hitchhiking down from Czech Republic, through Austria and ultimately to the capital city of Ljubljana. I didn't know too much about the country beforehand, other than it was rather small and supposedly had amazing nature, so on a whim, I made my way there. Unlike most trips I'd previously done though, I chose to steer clear of hostels this time and opt for couchsurfing. And little did I know, but that turned out to be the center point of my trip and will be the thing I'll never forget from it.

If I could sum it up, my time in Slovenia primarily consisted of meeting and eating with fellow travelers at Marko's couchsurfing place, walking the dog Viskey, and visiting nature sites (also going on long walks there). I could write about all of that here, but since I already did in other posts (and since I've feeling a bit lazy at the moment), I'll just direct you to those instead. So if you want to know more about each of these things, check out my posts about it. Find out about Marko and Viskey and why they're awesome. See what The nature looked like in my photo album, and see/read about the capital Ljubljana. You'll enjoy it, I guarantee.