As I prepare myself for a mini weekend trip to the Russian city Vladimir, I figured it was about time for the second edition for the awesome people's section, and just like the first time, there is no shortage of people to choose from. And then I thought of the person traveling alongside me. A person who is a true adventurer and well read philosopher at heart, always welcoming new experiences, adventures, and discussions (in German, English, and Spanish). My choice here is easy. Now let me introduce Anne.

Anne in a Nutshell

To some people, the standard, constructed path of expectations (go to university, get a job, get married, buy a house, have a family, continue your job until you retire, then die) is seen as ideal, but not Anne. She saw through this hollow facade and knew she wanted none of it. She had and still has an intellectual fire burning below the surface and a the desire of a philosophical wanderer to make the most of her life experience. She is Nietzsche's ubermensch with a mini nose ring and big, friendly smile.

Back in Germany, a man once spoke to Anne about his goals to rise up through the capitalist system and someday buy status symbols like a yacht. Any while this man explained his plan with a smile, Anne did not share his enthusiasm. Her path was going to be different. Her path was going to include living and working in Delhi, India as a teacher. Her path was going to take her to Moscow and work for the Goethe Institute. And her path was going to involve travelling to a small 900 year old Russian city with a bearded Hobo-like character born in Bridgeport, Connecticut.

Anne's world is open. She saw the societal constraints, broke free, and every day seeks to disprove and challenge these artificial constructions one by one. And to top it off, she balances this with humor, joy, and a nice and friendly demeanor. She's a Renaissance woman, set out to experience what the world has to offer and question and ponder it all. Where will it take her next? Well, I can assure you it will be something exciting and far beyond the ordinary.

Anne Quote: "Challenge yourself to do something that you're afraid of, whether big or small, every day."

Be like Anne. Question what is expected. Challenge the wrongs in society, study philosophy, and live the life other's are afraid to.