As you may have noticed from several of the pages (like Best of the Best and Moscow), I've developed a pretty close connection to Vagabond Hostel. It was pretty much my home for about 7-8 months, and contributed more than anything towards forming the most eventful year of my life (so far). It has helped me meet more people than I could have ever imagine, and on numerous occasions, I have referred to it as a place of wonders. Therefore, it is my privilege to introduce you to the hostel's founder, Robert, as I write the next addition to the Awesome People category.

The Vagabond Life of Robert

On the surface, Vagabond may seem like a catchy name created to market the hostel. But once you meet Robert, you realize that it is not. Vagabond is a lifestyle. It is a community of togetherness and acceptance. It is the creation of a dream, and most of all, it is a manifestation of Robert. He, quite literally, is the Vagabond. From his young days growing up in Eastern Ukraine, Robert always felt that there was something empty in the constructed world around us. He was not satisfied with the status quo and all the problems and isolation that are generally accepted in modern society as norms. Why couldn't there be friendship and harmony? Why does there have to be suffering and resentment? Robert took it upon himself to challenge this.

Many people like to talk about these things, but that wasn't Robert. He was a man of action. For more than a decade, Robert roamed the world, searching for a deeper meaning as he attempted to connect with and better the lives of those around him. This mentality lead him to move alone and with nothing to India. And no, Robert wasn't going on the tourist route or lounging on a beach in Goa. He dismissed that superficial crap and dedicated himself to working with some of the poorest , most neglected communities in the country for over five years. And he did this solo, away from any self-indulgent organizations, giving 100% of his full self.

All of this led him to create Vagabond upon his return to Moscow. After everything he had witnessed and gone through, Robert decided to act upon his dream of creating a haven of peach and love for the wandering social-outcasts of the world. It would be a haven for artists, activists, and anyone looking for friends or a deeper connection as we make our journeys through this bizarre thing called life. And judging by how this is the closest and strongest community I have pretty much ever come across during my 26 years on this planet, I have to conclude that he has absolutely succeeded.

Robert Quote: 'Live, love, connect with others and be your full self."

Be Like Robert: Never stop travelling, work to better the world around you, and connect with society's outcasts. They're much more fun and interesting than those dull, normal people.