I met Conan soon after I arrived in Moscow to start working as an English Teacher. Having already taught there for a year, Conan was a seasoned expert that helped mentor confused novices such as myself. On top of that, he hosted a house-warming get together right away to help all of us get to know each other and establish a group of friends within our newly adopted city. Now, well into his fourth year, Conan still teaches (albeit for a different school) and is by all means an expert when it comes to the Russian capital. Likewise, he has a pretty extensive travel blog that has tons of info and articles about all the little details and interesting features Moscow has to offer, as well as a few stories from other places such as Estonia, Iceland, and several of the Balkan States. If you're planning to go to Moscow (or Russia for that matter) I highly recommend you check out what he has to say. And even if you don't have any such plans, read about his awesome stories and adventures anyway by clicking on the button below.