I first met Pete in Tbilisi, Georgia. He came across as another friendly, relaxed, interesting traveler, but with one notable exception: his video camera. This device he carried wasn't a cheap tourist camera, nor was it a small one for making a few keepsake photos. Instead, Pete had a full, modern, up to date camera like the type you would see in a film studio. I don't how how it is possible, but with his camera, Pete is able to capture the essence and feeling of a place better than any travel agency or tourist company could ever dream of. I can try to describe these films, but words cannot give them justice. Each film I saw, though, made me feel almost as if I was there and as if I was interacting and exploring the environment portrayed. He was able to capture the natural beauty, urban energy, vibrant culture and unique subtitles all together at once. Check out the travel site he founded and watch the videos. They're awesome!