Hobo Advice

Romania Is an amazing place but the capital Bucharest is not too interesting. Spend more time in the country or smaller cities. If you get a chance to go to the Carpathia Mountains, definitely do so. They may not be as high or numerous as the Alps, but there are virtually no tourists and the scenery is incredible. Also, people seem to be much more relaxed than most of Europe and the society as a whole came across as helpful and welcoming. On top of that, everything is very cheap, so it's a great place to go out for a nice dinner or a night out without bankrupting yourself.

Overall Impression

  • Everything is affordable
  • Brasov is one of the coolest small cities ever
  • Transylvania is such a cool region to visit (regardless of vampire legends)
  • You won't run into tourists when you go hiking
  • Bucharest has a nice old town, but the rest of the city isn't so interesting
  • The food is really good
  • Hostels are like palaces (and cost hardly anything!)