My Trip

July 2015

My trip to this country was unfortunately a short one, but incredibly memorable. I arrived in Bucharest in early July of 2015 to meet my friend Blake. We spent a couple days there and had one pretty exciting night out with a group of Australians from our hostel before traveling to the smaller city of Brasov in the Transylvania region. I didn't particularly care for Bucharest so much, but I do admit it had a pretty nice old town. It's not like it was a bad city by any means, it just did not seem to have anything particularly unique or exciting. It was kind of lacking that spark of character you hope to find in a place. But Brazov, on the other hand was amazing! It felt like something directly out of a story book. If you do go to Romania, absolutely make sure you go there, it had that amazing feel of cultural authenticity, and it will be the focus of my writings below.